Welcome to the Flat Joint, one of the Internet's best spots for fair and carnival ride photos. The upcoming season presents a unique one for the industry and The Flat Joint will be there to show spots from all over the country. Check out our newest fair, the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville, Tennessee with the midway provided by Mighty Bluegrass Shows. Also, be sure to check the Updates page for what's new!

The other large part of our site is our Ride Index, which has a large collection of information on amusement rides, most of which travel North America or are found in its amusement parks. The Flat Joint recently added large images to all of our ride index pages so now you can click on any picture for a high-resolution view. We are adding to this database as time and visits allow and making a useful collection of information for those in the outdoor amusement industry and its fans. If you see any corrections or additions that need to be made to our pages please let us know. We hope that you will continue to visit the pages and watch us grow over the next year.

A special thanks to our hosts – Ultimate Rollercoaster and the site that gave us our start, the always-funny Absolutely Reliable News and Rumors.


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