Belle City Amusements

The Cumberland County Fair, Crossville, Tennessee- August 23, 2003

This day was the first sunny weekend in some time in Tennessee so the crowds were light during the day. However, as the sun fell in the sky they started to trickle in.

The Power Surge is a great way to see the midway upside-down.

Sunset is a fun time of day on the carnival lot.

The rides started to get crowded as the bulbs began to burn.

The Skywheel at night is an amazing combination of lights. The small bulbs on the vertical sign, the standard ones lining the tower and the fluorescent bulbs on the frame all make for an attraction that looks more like an exciting tool of industry than an instrument of fun.

The Panacek family took delivery of a beautiful Bertazzon Rock-n-Roll Music Express during August, 2003. The ride has quickly become one of the most popular on the midway.

The Music Express is a ride that everyone in the family enjoys on the Belle City midway.

The Skywheel, Yo Yo and Ring of Fire are all exciting rides during the day and look great at night.

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