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Reithoffer's four-truck Flip "N" Out is a fixture at the back of the lot. The Soriani & Moser-produced ride can flip and twist riders in many different directions.

These one-of-a-kind Velare Brothers Space Wheels are owned by Cumberland Valley Shows. The Florida State Fair was the first time they were set up since 1995. The unique structure of the ride can be seen in the photo on the right as it shows the common center piece that the two wheels share. It was a long time fixture on the midways of the Royal American Shows. Hopefully this great attraction will stay out on the road for all to enjoy.

The Power Surge, this one was owned by Reithoffer, is still one of the most one popular one-trailer rides on the lot. This spectacular ride really shines at night.

The midway was full of fun family attractions. The Afterburner (CVS) is to the left, a Zierer Wave Swinger (CVS) spins in the background, a beautiful Eli Bridge wheel stands toward the front of the picture and the Chance Slingshot (Reithoffer) is in the back-right corner of the photo.

The After Burner, a Fabbri Space Jam, was owned by All Star Amusements. The ride is similar to the KMG Afterburner but the ring of seats spins much faster.

This great Bertazzon Music Express, owned by Reithoffer, attracted guests of all ages. The Super-Himalaya is one ride that is popular with many visitors because of the unique ride motion and because kids can squash their parents it spins.

This shot from the skyride shows the large range of attractions available on the Florida State Fair midway. Working left to right we see the Velare Brothers Spacewheel (CVS), the Chance 50-foot carousel (United Shows of America), the Chance Sling Shot (Reithoffer Shows), the Zierer Wave Swinger (CVS), the Eli Bridge Wheel and the Chance Century Wheel (Reithoffer Shows).

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