Mid-America Shows 2003

Matthew McCoy was nice enough to shoot these pictures of Mid-America Shows set-up around Marion, Indiana this spring. Despite the horrible weather the crew still had the rides up in time for the still date. During this weekend there were tornadoes all around the carnival and there was a chance that some equipment might get damaged, but the show escaped unscathed after the date was over.

Despite its age the Zipper is one of the best thrill rides out there for the tween and teen market.

The Chance Giant Wheel was still being set up when our photographer dropped by.

The Eli Bridge Scrambler may be almost fifty years old, but it still brings in the riders. Sadly there weren't many people visiting today because of the weather.

The Spider can be a pain to move, but it is worth it. Like most of Mid-America's pieces this one looks great lit up at night.

The Wisdom Starship 2000 (often known as the Gravitron) is one of the most popular one-trailer rides with kids of all ages. Wisdom took the excitement of the Rotor and combined it with easy portability on one trailer.

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