North Georgia State Fair – 2002

This view shows the great selection of rides available on the Drew midway. A Chance Century Wheel stands on the left and a Chance Zipper, themed as "Chainsaw" stands to the right. Looking down the midway we see a Larson Super Loops, an Eyerly Spider, a Huss Pirate, a Sellner Tilt-a-Whirl, a Fabbri Kamikaze and a KMG Afterburner anchoring the other end of the midway.

The famous Seattle Wheel is the Drew Expositions' pride and joy. The ride is an attraction manufactured by the Allan Herschell Company. It was completely overhauled between the 1998 and 2000 seasons. The re-habbed Seattle Wheel was first seen at the 2000 IAAPA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Seattle Wheel is a unique & fun wheel by day and awe-inspiring at night. The wishbone-shaped seats create unobstructed views for riders. Click here to find out more about the ride's history.

Drew obviously cares for the ride as they even make sure it carries the Allan Herschell plaque. Below it is a leveler (found on both of the trailers) to make sure that the wheel sits perfectly flat.

Here you can see the Seattle Wheel, the Ring of Fire and a Dartron Hurricane (seen inside the Larson ride).

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