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This is E. Menzel's Bayerische Zugspitzbahn (Bavarian mountain peak train). It has been at the fair for over fifty years and is a forerunner of the Allan Herschell "Flying Bobs" and Mack "Swing Bob," both of which are common-place on the American midway. Notice the elaborate theming, including the animatronic snowman, throughout the ride.

The Wild Wasserbahn (Wild Water) is owned by the Meyer-Steiger family, which has over four decades of experience entertaining fair-going Germans. It stands 21 meters high, can run up to 24 boats and travels on 38 trailers. The family bought the Wild Wasserbahn from Mack in 1984 and actually expanded it with help from the manufacturer 10 years later. It remains one of the most elaborate portable flumes in the world.

This busy midway shot shows Schneider's Power Tower 2, Stranninger's Wellenflug (a Zierer Wave Swinger) and in the background is Distel's Jumping (a Huss Jump). Note the line of concessions that never seems to end!

The Freestyle is a KMG Afterburner owned by Johann & Magarethe Agtsch. The Afterburner has become one of the most popular portable rides worldwide and the Freestyle is one of the best-kept models on the road. The stand in the foreground is selling "glazed fruit," whatever that may be.

The Fighter, a Mondial Swinger owned by Egon Kaiser, provides a new twist on the traditional family ride. Each arm holds eight passengers in four cars and swings them out over the midway.

Etwas zum essen? After drinking all that beer guests to Oktoberfest eat – a lot. This stand offers everything for guests visiting with a sweet tooth.

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