Russell County Jaycee Fair – 2003

During my visit there was a lot of equestrian activity in the arena with local competitors of all ages.

The Reverchon Himalaya need a touch of paint, but the classic lighting poles around the ride's edge still drew in the teen and tween riders for a spin.

The one-trailer Mulligan Sea Ray anchored one end of the midway. With its colorful lights and wide appeal guests of all ages were going for a ride. Much like the Sea Ray, the Eli Bridge Hy-5 wheel had a lot of different riders on it, but was often a parent and child spinning through the night air together.

The Watkins Swinger is a classic from carnivals of "days gone by" that was drawing in kids of all ages. Few things says a country fair like this ride with its flags whipping in the wind.

The slide and carousel provided a great backdrop as the nighttime crept in. On these nights the afternoon slips into darkness without most kids noticing.

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