Taylor County Fair 2003 – Page 2

The Chance Zumur got a new paint job this year. It is kind of hard to see in the picture, but the sweeps have a colorful rainbow appearance.

The Venture SCAT was themed as "The Surge" and thrilled riders with its powerful centrifugal forces.

Kissel Shows' Allan Herschell looked great and often had lots of children and their parents riding together.

The midway was fun! Overall this was one of the nicer small fairs I have been to. The Astro Wheel provided a great backdrop for the Taylor County Fair.

The Round Up and Zumur (to the right) were some classic rides that had lots of continuous riders. The teen set was found on the Wisdom Super Sizzler, note the great backflash, and the Dartron Hurricane.

The SDC Himalaya was refurbished over the winter. The Kissels travel with it on two trailers, a top would take one additional transport. It looks great and is one of the few (if the only?) SDC Himalaya on the American road.

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