Tennessee State Fair – Page 2

Working left to right we see a lot of the carnival's spectaculars: The Zamperla Z-Force, the Allan Herschell Skywheel, Zamperla Nitro and Zamperla Power Surge.

The Eli Bridge Scrambler is always a popular choice for family members of all ages.

The Zamperla Power Surge sent riders head over heels all night.

Plenty of teenagers waited to ride the MBGS' new Dartron Zero Gravity, while some of the older crows enjoyed a spin on the Skywheel.

A Skywheel at night always looks beautiful.

Darton created the Zero Gravity as a modern-day replacement for the classic Hrubetz Round-Up.

The show came with a slew of kiddie rides. Two of the most popular were the Wisdom Orient Express kiddie coaster and the Moser Freefall.

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